Russian ‘anti-Putin groups’ join forces in Ukraine

Photo: Belsat/Ilya Ponomarev

Russian anti-Putin military groups which joined Ukrainians against the Russian forces have signed a declaration for cooperation. Legion “Freedom Russia”, the Russian Voluntary Corps and National Republican Army will create an organisation - Political Centre - led by former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev.

During their press conference, leaders of these three organisations announced that they have joined forces with the aim of reaching a common goal, namely freeing Russia from Putin’s regime. They also plan to stop the state terror against Russians who oppose the regime. The organisations want an end tothe war in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Legion “Freedom Russia”, the Russian Voluntary Corps and National Republican Army declared that they would be coordinating all actions together aimed against Putin and his officials, and carry out a singular information policy to present their goals to all Russians. The newly created Political Center is looking to become an information and logistics hub for all anti-Putin organisations that are present in Ukraine.

All three organisations declared they oppose the current government in the Kremlin, not Russia as a state. They also declared their strong opposition against the war in Ukraine and state that a free and democratic Russia is their main goal. They want rid of oligarchs and corruption.

“We appeal to representatives of the Russian opposition and all Russian citizens to abandon all differences and join our struggle,” declared representatives of the anti-Putin military groups.

Legion “Freedom Russia” groups former Russian soldiers who changed sides to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian Voluntary Corps includes mostly political dissidents who have escaped from Russia, while the National Republican Army declares it is an underground army that fights on Russian soil. It has announced responsibility for killing Daria Dugina, daughter of Putin’s ideologist Alexander Dugin.