Passivity of Russian citizens legitimises aggression on Ukraine: Estonian FM

To talk about the current challenges and issues Estonia faces in terms of security and the ongoing Russian aggression on Ukraine, TVP World invited Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu.

Estonia is the largest per capita donator of military aid to Ukraine. Referring to this fact, Mr Reinsalu said that his country was giving this aid to Ukraine because “we feel the pain and sacrifices that Ukrainians are now feeling”. He also said that Estonia and other countries like Poland understood well what values Ukraine is standing for.

Furthermore, Mr Reinsalu pointed out that Estonia has been sending military aid to Ukraine to protect themselves from Russian expansion to the west. “We understand that this is a battle for the freedom of Europe,” he emphasised.

The FM also mentioned Estonia’s sanctions for Russian tourist visas. He stressed the need for a European-wide ban on Russian tourism.In his opinion, allowing Russians to enter into the Schengen area is a severe security risk, while this kind of sanctions target Russia in a most universal way.

Minister Reinsalu went on to say that this is not only Putin’s war but also a Russian state war and the passivity of Russian citizens legitimises the unprovoked aggression on Ukraine.

Estonia's official also spoke about the assasination of the daughter of an ideologue with close ties to Vladimir Putin. Mr Reinsalu pointed out that Russian services’ claims that the suspect of the killing fled to Estonia was “a provocation.”