World News 16.08

An increasing number of European countries are considering banning Russian citizens from entry altogether, a “court” in pro-Russian Donetsk “people’s republic” threatens three foreign volunteers fighting for Ukraine with death, and Estonia begins to remove Soviet-era monuments. This and much more are in the Tuesday edition of World News.

More countries consider banning entry of Russians

Increasingly more EU countries are considering banning Russian citizens from crossing the EU border in retaliation for the ongoing war in Ukraine and the lack of visible objection toward Putin’s politics from the wider society. As the debate continues, not all EU members seem to be on board with the idea.

Zaporizhzhia nuclear threat

The United Nations has offered its support in establishing a mission to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant that has fallen into Russian hands. The occupiers are using the plant as a base camp and experts say this may lead to a catastrophe.

Three foreign volunteers face threat of death

The authorities in the Russian-backed self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have charged a Briton, a Croat, and a Swede with the charge of being mercenaries. The three men were captured near Mariupol and are facing the death sentence.

Looming energy crisis

Europe is bracing itself for the looming energy crisis which could hit especially hard during the winter. The energy shortages are the result of the West systematically cutting its ties with Russian imports over the invasion of Ukraine.

Chancellor Scholz visits Palestinian Authority

German chancellor Olaf Scholz gave a strong statement during his visit to the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Germany is also seeking to swiftly begin discussions with the European Commission to curb a new gas levy on German consumers.

77th anniversary of WW2 end in Asia

77 years ago, Japan formally announced its surrender and thus concluded the Pacific Theatre of World War Two. While the Japanese mourn the millions of their own dead soldiers and civilians, the anniversary is also a time for remembrance for many other East Asian nations brutally affected by the war, such as China and Korea.

New Poland-Ukraine border crossing

Polish and Ukrainian officials announced that the new border crossing between the two countries will be opened ahead of schedule. Instead of opening the crossing in 2025, it will be opened in 2023. The new crossing is to allow for easier travel for Ukrainian refugees, running from the threat of war.

Estonia begins removing Soviet monuments

Estonia has removed a monument commemorating the Soviet army in the city of Narva, citing rising tensions in the city and accusing Russia of trying to exploit the past to divide the Estonian society. The monument is the first of a number of Soviet memorials destined to be removed.

Drought in Europe

The entire European continent is battling with heatwaves and drought. Inland navigation has become much more difficult and at times impossible on several of Europe’s largest rivers; the drought is exposing land that had usually been covered by water.

World News’ guest

Poland joined the list of countries that have decided to stop issuing visas to Russian citizens. So far Czechia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Denmark are the ones to ring the alarm against Moscow calling them a terrorist state. Zygmunt Dzięciołowski, journalist and founding editor of OpenDemocracy/Russia was invited by TVP World to shed more light on the issue.