World News 15.08

Poland celebrates Armed Forces Day on the 102nd of victory over the Bolsheviks in the Battle of Warsaw, Russian forces begin withdrawal from Kherson, and it has been one year since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. This and much more are in the Monday edition of World News.

Polish Armed Forces Day

August 15 marks the Polish Armed Forces Day, celebrated on the anniversary of the victorious 1920 Battle of Warsaw. The last months saw the military face many challenges and changes in the strategic situation. TVP World’s correspondent Krzysztof Panek reported on the celebrations.

‘Decisive battle in European History’

As Poland celebrates its Armed Forces Day, here is a reminder of the event that lies behind this holiday: the Battle of Warsaw of 1920, which stopped Bolshevik Russia’s march further to the West.

Wishes from Ukraine

The most senior members of the Ukrainian military and the country’s government officials extended their wishes to the Polish Armed Forces on their holiday. Many did this in the Polish language.

Russians retreating from Kherson

Ukrainian forces destroyed the headquarters of the Wagner Group stationed in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Russian forces are withdrawing from Kherson in the direction of Melitopol.

Visa ban on Russia

Poland is the most recent state to join the list of countries that have decided to stop issuing visas to Russian citizens. So far, mostly those nations who are the closest to Russia, like Latvia or Finland, were the ones to ring the alarm against Moscow as a terrorist state.

US delegation in Taiwan

A second high-level US visit to Taiwan this month has taken place. A group of members of Congress attended meetings with the highest officials of the self-governed island. As a response, China began a new set of military exercises.

One year of Taliban rule

A year ago today, the Taliban resumed power in Afghanistan. One year into the Taliban rule, the country is facing a deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Willian Ruto wins Kenya election

The election commission said on Monday that former Deputy President William Ruto has won Kenya's presidential vote, declaring him the new leader of the country. The announcement of the election results at the electoral commission’s headquarters was accompanied by scuffles started by supporters of his opponent, Raila Odinga.

‘Ballads and Romances’ concert in Vilnius

“Ballads and Romances” concert was organised by TVP in Vilnius on Monday under the patronage of the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania. TVP World correspondent in Vilnius, Gabriela Jankauskaitė, reported from the Lithuanian capital.

World News Guest

Marcin Krzyżanowski of the Warsaw Institute and the former Consul of the Republic of Poland in Afghanistan was TVP World’s guest invited to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.