World News 13.08

The war in Ukraine continues to put the world’s food security in a difficult position, as Ukraine is one of the largest grains exporters. On Saturday, the first ships with Ukrainian grain reached European ports. Moreover, Russia began inviting foreign journalists to the occupied parts of Ukraine for specially organised tours to deceive the public about what truly is going on in these places.

Update from the frontline

The Ukrainian army continues to defend its country from the Russian invaders. The war seems far from over, however, some good news has recently surfaced as the first ships with Ukrainian grain have now reached European ports.

Russian propaganda

Russia began inviting foreign journalists to the occupied parts of Ukraine for specially organised tours. The main objective of the invitations is to pretend that the occupied territories are experiencing a revival.

Estonia nad Finland boost cooperation

Estonia and Finland have announced they will tighten their defence cooperation. The Estonian Defence Minister said that together, the two countries could prevent Russian warships from entering the Baltic Sea. At the same time, Estonia has announced it will introduce a ban on entry for Russian citizens.

Saving energy

European countries have begun introducing measures to save energy after the war in Ukraine disrupted Europe’s energy market. In the latest move, Germany may now decide to suspend its plan to phase out the three remaining nuclear power plants, thereby reversing its long-standing anti-nuclear policy.

US passes bill on inflation

As most of the western world is struggling with skyrocketing prices for goods and services, the US House of Representatives has just passed a bill aimed at reducing inflation. The Democrats are hoping this new legislation will also boost their chances in the upcoming midterm election.

Wildfires in France

Since the beginning of the year, almost 60 thousand hectares of forests and other natural ecosystems have burned down in France, thereby setting a grim national record. Firefighters from all over Europe joined forces to contain the fire.

Attack on Salman Rushdie

After yesterday’s knife attack Salman Rushdie, the author of “The Satanic Verses” went through surgery and remains in hospital in critical condition.

Prison cartel

In Mexico, 11 people died after a prison cartel clash. Four radio station employees were among the victims as gang members rampaged through Ciudad Juárez.

Lewandowski to debute

Robert Lewandowski, one of the world’s best football players, is to debut in his first official FC Barcelona match as the Spanish La Liga begins on Saturday.

Walk, trot and canter

Pure-blood Arabian horses are being listed at a world-famous Polish stud farm in Janów Podlaski. The Pride of Poland horse auction is a prestigious event that continues to attract buyers from all across the globe.

Connecting two nations

On August 15, Poles and Lithuanians are set to celebrate the legacy of their common national hero with a special concert in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. The event will focus on Adam Mickiewicz, an acclaimed poet of the Romanticism period, who remains a symbol of patriotism for both Nations.

TVP World’s guest

TVP World’s guest was Alexander Khrebet, a journalist from the Kyiv Independent.