World News 12.08

14 years ago Polish President Kaczyński delivered a prophetic speech in Georgia while it was invaded by Russia, EU bans importation of Russian coal, and former POTUS Trump is in hot water due to legal troubles. This and much more are in the Friday edition of World News.

Georgia: prelude to Ukraine

Today marks the 170th day of War in Ukraine. Russia does not let up on its attacks, destroying the livelihoods of millions of Ukrainian citizens. In 2008, the then Polish President at the time, Lech Kaczyński, spoke about this threat in his famous speech in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

170th day of Russian invasion

As the war in Ukraine continues. Both sides are ramping up their efforts in gaining the upper hand on the battlefield. Meanwhile the world can only hold its breath in fear as shelling and bombs fall near Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.

Embargo on Russian coal

The European embargo on Russian coal imports in connection with the invasion of Ukraine has officially come into force. The embargo is likely to have a negative impact on the European economy, however, officials stress that it is essential for crippling Russia’s ability to wage war.

Arms deliveries to Ukraine

Ukrainian war effort is sustained by continuous deliveries of western arms and heavy military equipment. Among them is the Polish-manufactured Krab self-propelled howitzer, which offers a significant increase in capabilities, compared to old Soviet weaponry.

Navalny’s labour union

Aleksei Navalny, a jailed Russian opposition figure and outspoken Kremlin critic, has formed a labour union while incarcerated in a penal colony for trumped up charges after a failed poisoning attempt thought to be ordered by Vladimir Putin.

Dark clouds over Trump

Former US President Donald Trump is reportedly nearing a decision on when to announce a 2024 bid to return to the White House, but his legal troubles continue to mount.

Fires in Cuba quenched

Fuel depots which have been burning for the past several days in Cuba have finally been extinguished by firefighters. At least two responders died in the blaze and 14 more are still missing. The burning depots have been described as the worst incident of this kind in the country’s history.

The magic power of banking

The Romanian Central Bank hired a new head of the procurement department. Gabriela Dima, who had a long career as a prominent fortune-teller, now she will have the opportunity to help magically solve Romania’s economic hurdles.

Pride of Poland

There are only few events more stunning than the Pride of Poland horse auction in Janów Podlaski. The event attracts people from all over the world. Ahead of the auction, TVP World’s reporter Marek Steele-Zieliński had a look at the most valuable horses.

Chopin’s festival in Warsaw

This Saturday marks the beginning of the 18th annual “Chopin and his Europe” Music Festival. This year's edition will feature more than 30 concerts, during which we will hear works by great European composers, of course including Fryderyk Chopin and even Stanislaw Moniuszko. A report by TVP World’s correspondent Aleksandra Marchewicz.

Romantic concert in Vilnius

The Ballads and Romances concert dedicated to the year of Polish Romanticism will take place in Vilnius starting next Monday. The concert will highlight the relevance of the key ideas of Romanticism and promote their presence in contemporary artists’ compositions. President of Poland Andrzej Duda, and President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda are honorary patrons of the event. Our correspondent from Vilnius Gabriela Jankuskaite has more.

World News’ guest

Poland’s Ambassador to Georgia, Mariusz Maszkiewicz, was TVP World’s guest.