Where are they now? In case of Steven Seagal, it’s Russia and his headspace

Steven Seagal signing his Russian passport, 2016. Photo: Press Service of the President of Russia

Remember that much beloved action movie star Steven Seagal? If you were a fan of his in his prime, here’s something that will hit you right in your childhood. Because apparently, Russia is where washed out Hollywood action movie stars go to… well, not exactly to die, but in any case it is not a pretty sight to look at

“98 percent of reporting on Ukraine is done by people who have never been there,” said Seagal during his appearance on Vladmir Solovyov’s “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.

Seagal, however, is not like those 98 percent. He was in the Donbas. He was in the Olenivka prisoner camp. As a matter of fact, he is presently making a documentary on the “special military operation”. And according to him it is obvious that western audiences are being lied to as to what has occurred there.

“The information they're receiving is from troll farms, and they don't even know what the source is. And not just troll farms, even major outlets.”

Well, having resided in Russia, Steve probably knows a bit more about troll farms than most of us. Then he goes on a tangent about fake news and the audiences “gobbling” them up.

He also now appears to be a weapons expert. Solovyov even probes him on this, asking whether he is sure.

“I know something about these things,” says Seagal. He says he saw pieces of HIMARS rockets. Probably they are the same ones already verified as being from a completely unrelated strike.

Then he goes on about the “hundreds of thousands of Nazis” that are in Ukraine, how he is not afraid of being “cancelled” and is asked by Solovyov to comment on the fact that numerous Hollywood celebrities (“stars and starlets” as he refers to them) have gone to Ukraine and met with President Zelenskyy, while he went back to Russia (Seagal has been a Russian citizen since 2016).

“Russia is facing an existential threat,” says Seagal. “You know what: if they [Ukrainians] want to be Nazis let them be Nazis, we don't give a s**t, but we really want NATO to get out, and let Ukraine be neutral.”

It appears that inside of Steven Seagal’s mind, it is NATO, not Russia, that has invaded Ukraine. Who then, are the Nazis in this scenario, becomes a bit foggy.

If you can stomach the entirety of the conversation it can be seen here:

The highlight of the entire conversation is probably the moment when Solovyov asks Seagal about why he decided to return to Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

“Because I'm Russian, this is my home,” responds Seagal.

Steven Seagal’s nauseating performance on Solovyov’s show is a prime example of what happens to people who are addicted to fame. And like a crack junkie on the prowl for a fix, any kind of fame, anywhere (even in Putin’s Russia), will do.

But for anyone who has a little common sense, the former film star’s arguments are as convincing as his hair dye job.