US: Teens break a Guinness world record while also raising money for Ukraine

Using 5,000 boxes of cereal gifted by Kellogg’s, members of the Chicago Children United for Ukraine (CCUK) put together a Guinness world record-breaking cereal mosaic with proceeds going to help non-profit Razom for Ukraine.

“We wanted to raise awareness for Ukraine,” said 15-year-old Michael Kotcher, member of CCUK. “So, we decided to break a record with a good cause behind it.”

With Corn Pops’ yellow boxes and Rice Krispies’ blue ones, the teens made a massive Ukrainian flag on the floor of the Wintrust Financial Corporation's Grand Banking Hall in downtown Chicago.

The Corn Pops represent the fields for the bottom of the flag, and the Rice Krispies represent the sky for the Ukrainian flag,” said 16-year-old Ryder Shiffman, another member of CCUK.

The teens are not just providing financial support for Ukraine, but for their local community as well. “We were like, ‘what are we going to do with the cereal boxes when we’re done with it?’” said Shiffman. “Then we were like, ‘we should donate it to a charity or something like that.’ So, we decided to donate it to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.”

“It is just great because we are helping globally and locally,” said Kotcher.

So far, 70 donors have given a little under USD 15,000 to CCUK's cereal mosaic fundraiser, to help Ukraine.