Russian MP threatens to kill journalists in a TV talk show

MP Alexey Zhuravlyov on Yevgeny Popov's "60 Minutes". Photo: Julia Davis's Twitter account

Forget about the threat of a nuclear disaster caused by Russian invasion forces making themselves cosy in the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Russian MP Alexey Zhuravlyov suffered a catastrophic meltdown on Russian state television.

If the moderator on a Russian state propaganda channel has to tell you to calm down, you should probably consider visiting a shrink.

Yevgeny Popov of “60 Minutes” mocks a correspondent for the German Bild daily, Björn Stritzel, who is currently in Ukraine. The Bild criticised Popov for referring to their correspondent as “a Nazi”. Not only that: Popov called the howitzers Germany sent as a part of an aid package to support Ukrainian armed forces as “fascist” and “Nazi” equipment.

“Our great-grandparents have been burning the equipment of your great-grandparents,” Popov comments. He also repeatedly refers to the Germans as “Aryans” and German journalists as propagandists and “descendants of Goebbels”.

Which is a reference to World War Two because, nudge nudge, wink wink, Germans are all Nazis, right? That is some pure comedy gold right there. A veritable lost comedy gold train.

And then (at 1:50 minute mark) one of the guests, Alexey Zhuravlyov, an MP representing the nationalist “Rodina” (Motherland) party goes on a rant.

Zhuravlyov: “I don't give a damn, I want to tell this Nazi: b**ch, we will come over there and kill all of you!”

Popov: “Alexey Alexandrovich, they are journalists…”

(Aww, it seems Mr Popov considers himself a journalist as well… That’s adorable…)

Zhuravlyov: “I couldn't care less.”

Popov: “They are propagandists, but let's not be like that…”

Zhuravlyov: “I don't care! I'm going over there and if I see him…”

Popov: “Let's not kill anyone... You are threatening people on our programme.”

(Reminder: according to Russian state media, there is no war in Ukraine, just a “Special Military Operation”. In which no one gets killed. Claiming otherwise may result in 15 years in a gulag.)

Zhuravlyov: “That's right - I am! And so what? So what?”

So, yes. When the host of a Kremlin-controlled propaganda TV channel tells you to calm down, you know you have gone off the rails.

By no means an opinion of a medical professional, but perhaps Mr Zhuravlyov should be kept away from sharp objects.

Or cameras.