Business Arena 05.08

On Friday's episode, our host Rafał Tomański kicked off the show with our main stories which were: the automotive industry’s chips crisis and the Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant – The Energy Bridge will link Poland and Ukraine by the end of the year.

The consequences of the pandemic, the shortages of microchips and other components and now the war in Ukraine are being felt across the auto industry, with production dipping at several manufacturers. Some producers are revising their production estimates for the following months downwards. We discussed a global production cutback that could result in five million fewer vehicles being produced this year and next than planned with Arkadiusz Zaremba, an automotive industry expert.

Also on the programme:

Putting the power line linking the Khmelnytskiy Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and Poland's Rzeszów will help boost cross-border electricity trade between the two countries and will allow Ukraine to earn more than one billion euros annually.

Among other topics, we looked at, were:

As volcanic activity in Iceland started on Wednesday, the country’s tourism industry kicked into high gear, grasping an opportunity to revive the business after the pandemic had banished most visitors from the Atlantic island for more than two years.

German utility Rheinenergie, the energy supplier to the city of Cologne, said on Monday that prices for some customers would more than double from October 1, due to a 450 percent spike in gas procurement costs.

The state of Tennessee sued Walgreens on Wednesday, accusing the retail pharmacy giant of fueling the state's opioid epidemic by willfully flooding the market with an oversupply of prescription narcotics in violation of consumer protection and public nuisance laws.