Support for Taiwan also helps Ukraine: Ukrainian MP

TVP World was joined by Ukrainian Member of Parliament Andrii Osadchuk to discuss a range of topics including US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and what influence the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion has had on the Taiwanese stance on potential Chinese aggression against the island state.

“I think everyone remembers that since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine we have heard a lot of voices that the ability of Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion will have an influence on the ability of Taiwan to resist a possible Chinese invasion,” Mr Osadchuk said, adding that Russia’s inability to overpower the Ukrainian resistance “has been giving a lot of inspiration” to Taiwan.

TVP World’s guest went on to stress that the visit of Ms Pelosi, “one of the leaders of the US, to Taiwan is another symbol of the unity of the civilised world and global democracy against totalitarian regimes.”

“For us in Ukraine, this visit… is very important because in supporting Taiwan we also see the support of Ukraine,” Mr Osadchuk said.

To hear Mr Osadchuk’s thoughts on how Ms Pelosi’s visit could influence the state of affairs in Ukraine, as well as other topics, click the video above.