Warsaw Uprising participants, Ukrainians united by ‘great will to be free’: journalist

Talking about the destruction of Ukrainian cities caused by Russia, TVP World’s guest Grigoriy German, from Channel Ukraine, has said that the similarity between the war in Ukraine and the Warsaw Uprising was “the great will to be free.”

Mr German stressed that just like the Poles participating in the Warsaw Uprising, Ukrainians too fought for freedom today. He went on to highlight another similarity, namely that both Poles had fought against Nazi Germany and Ukrainians fought against Russia, both totalitarian regimes.

TVP World’s guest went on to draw another analogy, saying that the destruction of Warsaw at the behest of Hitler entailed the killing of civilians. A similar scenario, Mr German said, played out in Ukraine where Russian leader Putin allowed for the cities of Mariupol and Kharkiv to be razed to the ground.

To learn more about the Russian-perpetrated destruction of Ukrainian cities, click the video above.