Int'l community needs to ensure unimpeded grain transports: Ukrainian official

Ukraine’s grain exports are set to resume following a deal brokered by the UN and Turkey. Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest grain producers, has been unable to maintain supplies to the developing world due to Russian aggression. Will the risk of famine in the developing world finally be averted? TVP World’s special correspondent Don Arleth spoke to Alla Stoianova, Head of the Department of Agricultural Policy of the Odesa region.

As Ms Stoianova said, one of the biggest challenges faced by Ukrainian farmers is the lack of storage space, with leftovers from last year’s harvest and this year’s winter harvest, the grain silos are at capacity and cannot accommodate the entirety of the crops collected during the spring harvest.

Ukraine is ready to export its grain at any moment, but there are still fears that Russia may not keep its part of the deal.

In peace conditions, Ukraine would export 5-6 million tonnes of grain per month. If the Russian fleet does not interfere with the grain shipments and with the aid of foreign ships and the use of alternative routes, Ukraine should be able to get back to its pre-war grain export figures and ship off the current grain stores in about 6 months. However, Ms Stoianova stressed that the international community needs to step in to ensure grain shipments can be unimpeded, as Ukrainian grain is necessary to avoid world hunger.