“Baczyński No Filter” exhibition opens in Warsaw

The National Centre for Culture Poland (NCK) presented an exhibition dedicated to a Polish World War Two poet on Thursday. The “Baczyński No Filter” (Baczyński bez filtra) exhibition features 34 photos of students from primary and secondary schools that participated in a nationwide competition.

The students drew inspiration from the poems authored by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, who was an active member of the Polish Home Army resistance and was killed on August 4, 1944, less than a week into the Warsaw Uprising against German occupiers.

The competition was organised by the Foundation for Great Stories (Fundacja na rzecz Wielkich Historii) and the National Centre for Culture (Narodowe Centrum Kultury), sponsored by the PGE Foundation, and is under honorary patronage of the Polish Ministry for Culture and National Heritage.

The exhibition was opened with Prof. Piotr Gliński, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Culture and National Heritage, stating:

“[Baczyński] was one of the fairest of gems who [back] then had to sacrifice their lives. Such were the times and the choices to be made, choices with no alternatives. It is impossible to imagine the sacrifice that Poland had to pay, but there was no other way,” said Deputy PM Gliński. “Today it is of utmost importance that we keep the memory of those events alive.”

Prof. Gliński also expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in maintaining the memory of Baczyński and people like him. He also referred to current events:

“Young people of today are witnesses to similar events, which occurred during World War Two. War crimes and aggression, which for us, Poles, are tangible. That affects the experience of the young people,” said Prof. Gliński.

The exhibition will be displayed in front of the Corps-de-Garde pavilion opposite the Presidential Palace until August 18.