African migrants storming asylum camps for Ukrainian refugees throughout France

Photo: La Chapelle Debout/Twitter

A large group of African migrants in Paris stormed and occupied the asylum camp established to house Ukrainian refugees fleeing from their war torn country. The group of protestors organised by the activist group “Collectif La Chapelle Debout” demanded “residency rights and housing for all.”

In June, around 80 places made available to Ukrainian refugees were stormed by African migrants. Video footage of one of the occupying movements was released on Thursday, showing a large group of African men storming the camp that houses Ukrainian refugees, packing the venue and making demands on a megaphone.

The organisers of the protest argued that the Ukrainian refugees are receiving preferential treatment, provided housing and resources, while the African migrants were left behind. On their social media post, the “Collectif La Chapelle Debout” highlighted that the aid for Ukrainian refugees in Paris is clearly on racist and supremacist grounds.

The protestors occupying the asylum camp demanded freedom of movement and settlement, legal residency status and housing of decent standards provided to the African migrants as equal rights.

A day after the protest from the footage took place, another 300 African migrants led by a self described “anti-racist collective” took over yet another Ukrainian refugee camp to demand equal treatment of foreigners regardless of nationalities in solidarity with asylum seekers mostly without papers who came from East Africa.

The movement has been largely criticised on social media, with hundreds of comments expressing shock over the scenes of hundreds of healthy young male adults taking refugee camps from women and children escaping a genocidal war. Many pointed out that sympathy of Russia by Africans and the close economic ties between Russia and East Africa might also be a motivating factor to the migrants’ occupation of the refugee camps.

Organisers of the occupation movement stated that they will continue to push for their anti racist movement, and to demand legal residency and housing for the migrants from Africa in France.