Business Arena 6.07

On Thursday's episode, Business Arena’s host David Kennedy kicked off the show with the main stories, which were: hybrid energy systems and Europe, and a cheap paradise for American tourists.

Future development of the energy conversion systems will be based on second and third-generation technology. Additionally, modern power plants are expected to be able to work in a very wide range of power output. At the same time, frequent and rapid changes in generated power reduce the systems' lifetime, their average efficiency, and in the case of nuclear energy, introduce additional issues related to nuclear safety. Hybrid energy systems can give at least a partial solution to such challenges. TVP World talked about CCGT and small nuclear SMR hybrid systems for flexible energy generation with Prof. Ludwik Pieńkowski of AGH University of Science and Technology.

Also on the programme:

The report of several UN agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP), on food safety. Repercussions coming from the war between the world’s biggest suppliers of grain and fertiliser have brought an extreme threat to food security around the globe, especially among the world’s poorest countries reliant on shipments from both Russia and Ukraine. 

Among other topics looked at, were:

Europe has not been this cheap for Americans in decades. The euro has slumped to about USD 1.03, plunging more than 8 percent against the US dollar year-to-date.

The United States and China held talks Monday to discuss the huge challenges facing the global economy amid mounting speculation that some Trump-era tariffs could be cut to ease inflation and boost growth.

The current pace of the rising prices has forced many workers to protest in a bid to increase their pay. Employees of the four main unions of the French railway services have decided to go on a one-day strike asking for a general pay rise as well as one based on inflation catchup and a revaluation of bonuses, according to an official statement.