World New 6.07

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson facing more and more trouble maintaining even his own party’s support, hackers steal data of as many as a billion Chinese, and European law enforcement busts a large human trafficking ring. This and much more in the Wednesday instalment of World News.

More strikes against civilian targets in Ukraine

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered its 133rd day. The previous 24 hours have brought more attacks against Ukrainian civilians and civilian infrastructure. TVP World’s correspondent in Ukraine Owidiusz Nicieja reported on the latest developments.

Johnson in hot water

A political storm is brewing in the UK. Johnson's government is on the brink of collapse but is willing to fight to the end. The cabinet was struck by a series of resignations and the support for the Conservative party is dropping. TVP World correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska reported from London.

Protests of Dutch farmers escalate

Food shortage in Dutch stores, police firing at protesting farmers, and the unrest in the Netherlands are only likely to escalate further.

China’s largest data leak

After hacking a Shanghai police database, unknown hackers claimed to have stolen data on up to a billion Chinese people. Industry analysts are calling this the country's greatest cybersecurity breach in history.

Human trafficking gang busted

Police in several European countries arrested members of a migrant-smuggling gang, transporting people across The Channel to the United Kingdom. According to Europol, the gang may have smuggled as many as 10,000 illegal migrants over the past year and a half.

Polish war cemetery in Belarus razed

A cemetery of Polish Home Army soldiers who fought German occupiers in 1944 in Belarus has been razed by Lukashenka’s regime. Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the destruction.

Lithuania celebrates Statehood Day

On July 6, Lithuania celebrated Statehood Day, commemorating a very important moment in Lithuanian history. TVP World’s correspondent, Gabriela Jankauskaitė, reported from Vilnius.

Pamplona festivities are on

Thousands of people dressed in white and red scarves packed the streets of Pamplona, Spain, on Wednesday, as the burst of a firework signalled the start of the first San Fermin bull-running celebration since the COVID-19 epidemic.

World News’ guest

TVP World invited Matas Maldeikis, Lithuanian MP, to talk about the tense situation between Lithuania and the EU following the country’s implementation of the bloc’s sanctions against Russia.