World News 1.07

Echos of the NATO summit in Madrid, Czechia take over the presidency of the EU Council, scorching temperatures in Europe. This and much more in the Friday edition of World News.

Latest from Ukraine

There has been another attack in which Russian invaders are targeting civilians. While the Kremlin is shelling Ukrainian people and destroying their homes, the Polish government is helping to provide temporary accommodation for those left homeless. TVP World’s correspondent Owidiusz Nicieja reported from Kyiv on the latest developments in Ukraine.

New weapons systems fo Ukraine

Supplies of arms for Ukraine evolved from small arms to tanks and howitzers. Now, Kyiv is receiving more and more advanced weapon systems and looking for options to expand its combat capabilities.

After the NATO summit

As per the agreement reached at the NATO summit in Madrid, Estonia will procure mid-range air defence systems. The additional air defence will strengthen Estonia’s own capability and will give additional support to incoming allies' troops.

Polish Foreign Minister in Helsinki

Following the NATO summit in Madrid, which saw both Finland and Sweden receive an invitation into the alliance, Polish foreign minister Zbigniew Rau made his way to Helsinki in a show of support for the NATO hopeful.

Russia’s response to NATO summit

The NATO summit in Madrid brought many decisions ramping up security in Europe. For allied states it is the defence that is most important; however, Russia sees the latest decisions of NATO as hostile.

Czech Presidency of EU Council

Czechia has taken over the rotational presidency of the EU Council. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, visited the country on the occasion.

Russian EBU board member replaced

Mykola Chernotytskyi from Ukraine has replaced Russia’s Sebastian Sergei Parker on the board of the European Broadcasting Union. EBU is the alliance of European public broadcasters, of which TVP is a member. Mr Chernotytskyi is the head of the Ukrainian public broadcaster.

Hong Kong anniversary

China's President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong to celebrate the 25 years of Beijing taking it over from Britain. The Chinese leader swore in Hong Kong's new leader on Friday.

European heatwave

Europe is being affected by a record-breaking heatwave. The extreme temperature leads to difficulties in the daily lives of ordinary citizens and agricultural problems.

The Iga Świątek phenomenon

Wimbledon is a place of many emotions and thrills, but no other star shines as bright as that of Iga Światek, Polish tennis player who is currently women’s number one in the world. Where does her power come from and how is she doing so far in the competition? Klaudia Czerwinska, TVP World’s London correspondent reported from Wimbledon.

World News’ guest

Inna Sovsun, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and Deputy Head of the Voice (Holos) party, was invited to talk about the recently concluded NATO summit and its impact on Ukraine.