Pulse of Culture 30.06

The Culture Ministers of 10 Central and Eastern European countries met in Lviv, western Ukraine, on Wednesday to discuss the role of culture and its significance in these difficult times of war.

The ministers agreed with the statement of their Polish counterpart - Professor Piotr Gliński, who emphasised that the ongoing fight would not be possible if the Ukrainian culture were to be destroyed and that, in these trying times, it needs to be given special protection.

“It is a basic duty of the entire civilised world to support Ukraine in this war against culture,” the Polish official stressed.

What’s more…
This year’s Peace Prize of the German Book Trade went to the Ukrainian writer and musician Serhiy Zhadan from the city of Kharkiv.

A Korean artist JeeYoung Lee decided to harness her memories of the past and, using origami, transform it into a vessel for viewers to explore the depths of their past. The exhibition takes place in London.

An English language premiere of “Cleopatra and Caesar” by Cyprian Norwid, one of Poland’s greatest romantic poets, has taken place at London’s famous Shakespeare's Globe.

The 1700-years old Roman mosaic depicting birds, fish, and other animals, returned to Tel Aviv where it was originally found.