Polish military aid to Ukraine worth over EUR 1.8 bn: Official

The value of Poland’s military aid to Ukraine has exceeded EUR 1.8 bln. “We are the largest donor of military aid to Ukraine in Europe. As far as the world is concerned, we are the second country after the United States providing the biggest support to Ukraine,” the head of the Prime Minister’s Office Michał Dworczyk said on Monday.

Asked on Radio Plus about the current value of military aid, Poland has provided to Ukraine, Michał Dworczyk stressed that “this amount is gradually growing”.

At the end of April, according to the government’s calculations, the value of Polish aid was around PLN 7 billion (EUR 1.49 bn).

The US remains the largest donor of military help to Ukraine with EUR 23.95 bn in military aid sent to Ukraine from January 24 until June 6, according to the Ukraine Support Tracker by the German Kiel Institute for the World Economy.