Congress 590 to defines ways of stimulating Polish economy: President Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Congress 590 has always provided a means to address questions and methods for stimulating the Polish economy thereby making it more attractive for investors. The event which takes place in Warsaw opened with the President’s speech on Wednesday.

“The main aim of Congress 590 has always been finding a balance between politics, economy and business,” Duda added.

He pointed out that Poland is an absolute leader when it comes to utilising the EU funds for cohesion policy.

“We have joined the European Union and we received EU cohesion funds so that we can catch up with more advanced EU nations and accelerate the development of our infrastructure. The funds were also used to develop Polish business,” Duda said.

The Polish President recalled that the first Congress 590 was organised with the aim of defining methods for stimulating the Polish economy, mainly through the development of national businesses. In his speech, Duda highlighted the fact that the word Congress comes from the barcode prefix used to mark goods manufactured and distributed by Polish enterprises.

This year, Congress 590 is focused on regional cooperation between the Three-Seas nations. The Polish President noted how countries in this part of Europe are closely related economically and politically so it is only natural to develop the relationships.

“All countries and all nations behind the Iron Curtain were dreaming of reaching the standard of living in Western Europe. Nowadays, it is natural for us to cooperate and create a North-South Axis in Europe,” Duda said.

The Congress’ main goal is to “release the potential of the Polish economy and to promote Polish products and services,” as stated on its web page. It is a cyclical event for discussion panels devoted to the economy, local governments, business and science. This year, experts and guests will be discussing the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, cyber-safety and economic cooperation.