Longest land stretch of Baltic Pipe in Poland ready for use

The longest onshore section of the Baltic Pipe, linking Poland to Denmark and indirectly to Norwegian natural gas deposits, has been accepted for use, pipeline operator Gaz-System has announced.

The key section, stretching from Goleniów, north-west Poland, to Ciecierzyce in the west of the country, is ready to transport gas more than a month ahead of schedule, Gaz-System said.

“The 191-km stretch of the onshore Baltic Pipe running from Goleniów to Lwówek is ready for launch and to carry gas,” the company wrote in a press release.

Gaz-System added that the technical acceptance process was performed following positive tests of the system. The next phase of the investment will be to put the pipeline into use.

Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

The Baltic Pipe runs along the Baltic seabed and would be another source of gas. It is a Polish-Danish strategic gas infrastructure project that will allow the transport of gas from the Norwegian shelf in the North Sea to Poland. The pipeline is set to be operational by October 2022. The Baltic Pipe will be capable of carrying 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year to Poland and 3 bcm from Poland to Denmark.