Bringing Ukraine closer to the EU is partly the result of Russian aggression: Polish MEP

Witold Waszczykowski, Member of the European Parliament and former Foreign Minister spoke with TVP World on the topic of Ukraine joining the Three Seas Initiative. According to the MEP Ukraine can bring a large market as it is one of the biggest countries in the region with almost 50 million people.

“It would be a good asset for the European Union to have Ukraine as a part of the Union, Ukraine is also very important for our part of Europe, the Eastern part of EU, that's why there are many supporters of Ukrainian membership in our part of Europe,” Mr Waszczykowski said.

“The 3 seas initiative was created for two reasons. The first reason was to create a secure gas market for those 12 countries, independent from Russian deliveries of gas. And the second reason was to create interconnectivity by creating a dense network of roads highways and railroads. Adding Ukraine and eventually, Moldova to this initiative will bring additional important countries and provide additional security for the gas market and additional supplement to this connectivity network of highways,” the MEP emphasised.

Mr Waszczykowski also pointed out that “the idea of bringing Ukraine closer to the European Union is partly the result of Russian aggression”.

He added that Poland does not want to replace routine negotiations, but create a parallel way of bringing Ukraine closer and closer to the European Union.