‘Embrace Ukraine’ charity telethon underway in Amsterdam

A charity rally in support of Ukraine Embrace Ukraine - #StrivingTogether is underway in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The most popular European stars, who once captivated the main song contest of the continent, are performing live from the stage at the Museumplein in Amsterdam:

Jamala - 1944

In 2016, Jamala has not only brought such a desirable victory to Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest, but also has become the first Crimean Tatar to perform in this song contest. The singer dedicated her emotional song “1944” to the horrific events caused by the Stalinist regime - the deportation of the Crimean Tatars.

Ruslana and Zhyttia Dance Theatre - Wild Dances

Ruslana is another singer who stunningly represented Ukraine at the world’s song contest and brought an impressive victory. At the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey, the Ukrainian contestant set a record by scoring 280 points - the highest number in the history of the contest at the time. In addition, the song “Wild Dances” was recognised as the “Best Song of Eurovision”, and Ruslana received a special award for it. Hutsul motifs and legendary stirring rhythms are still remembered all over the world.

Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

In the finale of this year’s competition, Kalush Orchestra received 631 points, and listeners from 28 countries gave Ukraine the highest score - 12 points. Also, the average score given to Ukraine by the spectators from all over Europe and Australia was 11.25 out of 12, which is the absolute record for all 66 years of history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Conchita Wurst - Rise Like Phoenix

The most extraordinary winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is Conchita Wurst. At the Eurovision in 2014, the artist made a true splash. The vocalist, whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, tried to become a participant of the song contest in 2012, but then another contestant was chosen instead.

Malik Harris - Rockstars

Malik Harris, this year’s Eurovision finalist from Germany, is one of Ukraine’s biggest fans. He has repeatedly supported the Kalush Orchestra. During the rehearsal of his performance, Malik came onto the stage sticking the Ukrainian flag with the inscription “I stand with Ukraine” on his guitar. Also, during the live broadcast in the finale of the biggest song contest, Malik's guitar was decorated with an inscription saying “Peace” on the yellow and blue background.

VERKA SERDUCHKA - Dancing Russia Goodbye

Listeners worldwide can recognise this song from the very first seconds. Verka Serduchka became a true phenomenon in the musical history of independent Ukraine after she participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”. And even though Serduchka took second place, the fame of the Ukrainian who dazzled the audience spread all over Europe. At the charity rally in Amsterdam, the artist will premiere the song “Dancing Russia Goodbye” to loudly declare the attitude of every Ukrainian towards the aggressor.

S10 - De diepte

S10 is a Dutch singer who is predicted to become a world-famous singer by her country's people. S10, whose real name is Stien den Hollander, also took part in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and represented the Netherlands.

In addition, Stien is one of the owners of the highest female voice ranges on the planet, and in her homeland she is called the greatest alto singer. On June 21, she will perform from her home stage in Amsterdam to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

And again the winner of the main song contest, Emmelie de Forest who brought the Eurovision Cup to her native Denmark in 2013. Emmelie was writing her lyrical and tender song “Only Teardrops” for a year. But the painstaking work was not in vain since, as a reward for her efforts, the singer won a grand victory at the main music contest in Europe.

Jeangu Macrooy - Birth Of A New Age

Jeangu Macrooy is another star artist from the Netherlands who represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest last year. This talented guy made people talk about himself in the circles of European true music lovers. Besides the Netherlands, his songs are recognised in Germany, France, and Belgium, and after his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the vocalist captured the hearts of thousands of new fans who are still singing his song “Birth Of A New Age.”

Blind Channel - Dark Side

These guys from Finland know exactly how to “ignite” the audience and impress even those listeners who are hard to call connoisseurs of rock style. Although they do not consider themselves as rockers since Blind Channel invented their own subgenre in music - Violent Pop. The artists describe their work as Heavy Metal with elements of pop music. While performing in 2020, Joel and Joonas explained that there was more to their sound than waving their fingers and anger. It is this unusual music style that helped the boys win the right to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, and in addition, the band set a record for the number of votes during the selection competition in their home country.

The event is being held prior to the European Council session in Brussels. Its goal is to consolidate the European audience around Ukraine's willingness to become part of the EU family. The charity rally is also raising funds via the UNITED24 global fundraising platform to purchase C-arm X-ray machines for healthcare institutions that provide medical assistance to the wounded and injured people as a result of the Russian war in Ukraine.

The charity rally is being broadcast by the leading TV channels of Ukraine and worldwide, as well as on the YouTube channels 1+1 and Atlas Festival. The organisers of the rally are one of the largest media holdings in Ukraine 1+1 media and the most large-scale festival in Eastern Europe, Atlas Festival.

The project partners are Vodafone, Mastercard Ukraine, Oschadbank and the Dynamo Kyiv football club, the main media partner is the morning show “Breakfast with 1+1”. The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.