Support for Ukraine’s EU candidacy motivates entire nation: MP

The support for the EU candidate status for Ukraine shown by the leaders of Germany, Italy and France in Kyiv was surprising, overwhelming and motivating for Ukrainian people, said Kira Rudik, the Ukrainian MP, who was TVP World’s guest.

In her opinion, the three of them were very anticipated in Kyiv, but what they did exceeded her expectations. As she said, Ukraine hoped for more sanctions against Russia and weapons, but received much more.

Ms Rudik believes that the reason for such a twist in the approach of the European leaders was their personal stay in the sites of Russian atrocities: Bucha and Irpen. She states that it makes a huge difference when people see with their own eyes the consequences of the actions of Putin and his soldiers, as it is “hard to remain indifferent”.

The Ukrainian MP also discussed issues such as the future of weapon and financial deliveries from Germany and France, as well as the Ukrainian expectations amid the upcoming EU summit. She also spoke about potential developments on the frontline and the need for a firm stance against Putin’s Russia.