Elon Musk takes questions from Twitter employees for first time

Elon Musk attended a virtual all-hands meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday where he was taking questions from his potential employees for the first time. His USD 44 billion purchase of the company, announced in April, appears to be proceeding.

Elon Musk was asked questions on behalf of Twitter employees by Leslie Berland, the firm’s chief marketing officer. She asked him what his role at Twitter will be, he replied that he wants to be involved in the product but is not sure what his title will be. Musk said that people will need to listen to his input on features, “I do expect that they will listen to me in this regard.” he said.

Musk was complimentary towards Chinese social media giants WeChat and TikTok. He said that “you basically live on WeChat,” in reference to users' dedication to the app. He went on to say that TikTok does a great job of keeping people “entertained” and presenting videos that are “not boring”.

Berland asked Musk: “How will your political views affect your leadership of the company?” He responded by saying that he still calls himself a moderate and said he’s largely in how the centre of the country votes.

Furthermore Berland quizzed Musk about his past statement on “authenticating all humans” who use Twitter. He clarified that he does not want to make people use their real names on the platform and thinks there is utility in using pseudonyms to express one’s political views.

The Tesla co-founder went on to reiterate his views on content moderation on Twitter, emphasising “we should allow people to say what they want.”

Berland questioned Musk on what success would look like in five to 10 years. He responded by saying that he desires an increase in daily active users and that he wants to reach one billion users or beyond.

He also re-emphasised how he generally hates the amount of bots on Twitter. He wants to make it more difficult for spammers and bot buyers to exist on the platform.

Just prior to the meeting's conclusion Elon Musk said he wants Twitter to contribute to a better, long lasting civilization and “to better understand the nature of the universe, as much as it is possible to understand.”