5th century cemetery discovered in England

An archaeological treasure was found by the builders of a railway line in the English county of Buckinghamshire. The builders uncovered a cemetery from around the fifth century. It is a priceless source of knowledge about the period, which is still a mystery to historians.

“A burial site with 141 individuals from over 200 years of history. Exquisite artefacts and important insights into a misunderstood period of history,” historian Dan Snow wrote on social media.

Knives, spears, and umba - central pieces of shields - have been unearthed shining a bright light on the region's past. Moreover, crumbs of everyday life have also been found. These include a green bowl, almost 90 brooches, a decorative bird-shaped ring and 2,000 amber balls.

Furthermore, archaeologists found proof that our ancestors cared about personal hygiene, unearthing a form of a kit for removing wax from the ear.

According to Dan Snow, one such grave would be news for the whole country because it shows what was going on in one of the least researched periods of our history.

The find sheds some light on the so-called Dark Ages - a time when the Romans abandoned forts and settlements in Britain.