70th anniversary of the Polish Academy of Sciences

As the leading scientific institution in Poland, the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) brings together outstanding scientists, conducts strategic research and helps to better understand the world. PAS celebrates its 70-year anniversary.

For 70 years, it has been working toward the development of science, setting the highest standards as to research quality and ethical concerns.

On the occasion of its round anniversary, the Polish Academy of Sciences has published a book titled “Scholars in search of a better world: 20 tales from Poland”. “We have selected twenty prominent figures connected with Poland, who lived through the ages and represented various scientific disciplines. The idea is unusual in that the fates of the characters, often dramatic and strongly entangled in history, were brought closer to us by contemporary Polish writers,” PAS’ main website stated. Each scholar mentioned in the book will have a special bench allocated in Linden Avenue in the PAS Botanical Garden, in Powsin. The trees will be planted as a symbolic gesture by the authors of the stories during the ceremonial opening of the Avenue, on June 10th. During the jubilee meeting, Professor Iwona Hofman will talk about the identity, reputation and experience of the Academy, that is, about what PAS is, in its essence. There will also be a piano concert given by a member of the Chopin Society as well as an open-air exhibition in the alley of the oaks, recounting the history of PAS.

History of the Polish Academy of Sciences

The Polish Academy of Sciences was founded in 1952 as an outcome of the 1st Polish Science Congress that built upon the foundations of the Polish Academy of Learning and the Warsaw Scientific Society. Its structure and objectives were enshrined in the Polish Academy of Sciences Act of 1951.

“The 70th anniversary of the Polish Academy of Sciences is an excellent opportunity to summarise our achievements and in consequence rejoice. Over the years, the Academy has strengthened its position as a leading scientific institution in the country and, as such, will continue to ensure the highest quality of its scientific and opinion-forming activities,” the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor Jerzy Duszyńsk said.

PAS’ main headquarters are situated in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.