Polish gas storage facilities 95 pct full, highest in Europe

By the end of May Polish gas storage facilities had the highest filling level in Europe, amounting to almost 95 percent, which translates into approximately 3.25 billion cubic metres (bcm), data published by European gas storage operators show.

According to the data published under the REMIT regulation (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency), the average storage facility fill rate for the entire European Union is approximately 46 percent, giving nearly 48 bcm.

In addition to Spain and Portugal, where storage facilities are of much less importance due to relatively mild winters, the Czech Republic also exceeds the 60 percent threshold. There, the current reserves translate into almost a quarter of the annual gas consumption. France also exceeds 50 percent of fullness with its reserves accounting for over 14 percent of its annual domestic consumption.

According to the report, approximately 12 percent of the 2020 annual consumption of the EU member states is currently stored in EU warehouses. This indicator is highest in Latvia, which reserves account for 70 percent of the country’s 2020 annual consumption. For Poland, the indicator is just under 14 percent, for Germany - under 11.5 percent.

It was also revealed that in all European countries whose data is published - the EU member states, plus Serbia, Ukraine and the UK - storage facilities are being filled. The average injection rate in recent days has been standing at 0.5 bcm per day.