Ukrainians in Warsaw hold March of Gratitude

“Thank You Friends” was the motto under which Ukrainians, both long-time residents and recently arrived war refugees, marched through the streets of Warsaw on Sunday, May 29, to express their gratitude for Polish support to their country and people.

The March of Gratitude was preceded by a manifestation in front of the Polish parliament and then proceeded to the Old Town. The people participating in the march held a large banner reading “Thank you” and a large Ukrainian flag.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, Andrii Deshchytsia, invited people to participate in the event the day before on Twitter, writing that “you meet your friends in times of war. Poles are our true friends, who fight on our side every day!”

Following the march, a concert with Ukrainian and Polish artists performing was then held in front of Warsaw’s Royal Castle. The concert was held simultaneously with a concert in Berlin. Ambassador Deshchytsia went on stage in Warsaw and thanked the Polish people.