Some European countries keep paying Putin in roubles

Even after the European Commission banned paying for Russian gas in roubles, some countries and companies are disregarding or circumventing the Community’s arrangement, Politico reported.

A partial change of position by Brussels was forced by Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Netherlands. Poland, Bulgaria and Finland firmly refused to comply with the demands of the Russian dictator. In turn, all three have already been cut off from Russian supplies.

Further European customers of Russian gas agree to pay in roubles via Gazprombank.

Although the head of the European Commission assured that this would be tantamount to breaking EU sanctions, many countries are ignoring these warnings.

European countries stance on payments in roubles

The Politico website wrote about the decisions individual countries have taken in regard to paying Russia in roubles.

Poland, Bulgaria and Finland are now cut off from Russian gas supplies, with Gazprom cancelling its contracts due to “unpaid bills”. In practice, these countries rejected Russian demands to pay for gas in roubles.

Politico points out that a clear position on this issue has not yet been taken by the Netherlands, which is hesitating between agreeing to Moscow’s terms and cutting itself off from Russian natural gas.

On the other hand, seven countries have not refused Vladimir Putin’s demands and asked the European Commission to change its position so as to be able to circumvent the sanctions.

Politico points out these countries are Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.