World News: 26.05: Davos WEF comes to an end, US tries to contain China

World Economic Forum in Davos comes to a close, the US is trying to contain China’s increasingly aggressive policy, and Roman Abramovich loses the ownership of the Chelsea F.C. This and much more in the May 26 instalment of the TVP World’s World News.

Latest news from Ukraine

It has been more than three months since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian armed forces continue their offensive in the Donbas region while trying to legitimise their conquest by issuing Russian passports in several regions of Ukraine.

War atrocities in Kharkiv

Our special correspondent, Karolina Pajączkowska is in Kharkiv, where exhumations of victims continue: a reminder of rapes and murders perpetrated by the invaders. This is the harsh reality residents of the city must now face, as they try to find their way back to normal life.

World Economic Forum ends

After three days of debates and discussions with top economic experts and world leaders, the World Economic Forum in Davos has come to an end. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominated the conference, the Mayor of Kyiv, Vladimir Klitschko, gave one of the closing remarks, along with the president of the forum.

Recording war crimes in Ukraine

Russia is trying hard to erase all traces of the war in Ukraine, to erase the memory of recent horrendous events. To remind the world who is the victim of this conflict, the Pilecki Institute created an opportunity to preserve testimonies of war atrocities committed by Russians in Ukraine.

US policy towards China

As China is looking to expand its sphere of influence over the Indo-Pacific region, the United States has announced its new policy toward Beijing. Washington is determined to maintain the current international order, which it believes has benefitted not only the Western world and its allies but also China itself.

Looming food crisis

Ukrainian and British officials criticised the Kremlin for what they described as food blackmail. This comes after one of the Russian officials proposed that the country could allow for Ukrainian grain to be exported by sea in exchange for lifting sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Texas school shooting

As the United States grieves the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, many Americans are starting to press authorities to seek better solutions to prevent such tragedies. Public and political tensions in the country are rising, as many see current regulations as ineffective.

Abramovich no longer owner of Chelsea

The consequences of war in Ukraine have had a profound effect on Chelsea Football Club. Within hours of the war’s outbreak, Russian oligarch Abramovich, the then owner of the club, was accused in the House of Commons of having links to corrupt activity and paying for political influence in Russia. The club is now under new pwnership. Our correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska reports from London.

TVP World available in Lithuania

Starting May 26, TVP World has become available on cable television in Lithuania. In addition to our channel, Belsat TV also premiered today on the Lithuanian national multiplex cable TV.

World News’ Guest: Inna Sovsun

TVP World’s World News interviewed Ukrainian MP, Inna Sovsun.