Russia has announced it will not stop at Ukraine: Zelenskyy

In an address on Thursday to the Latvian Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pointed out that Russia has officially said it will not limit its aggressive action to Ukraine alone.

During the May 26 online address, the Ukrainian President stressed that there are countries that continue to tolerate Russia’s actions because of their financial connections to the country. He stated that despite some politicians calling for Ukraine to give up some of its independence and territory to appease the aggressor, Ukraine will not acquiesce. “We must fight for respect, for rules and the fundaments of statehood,” said President Zelenskyy.

He also spoke of how the fate of Europe is currently being decided in Ukraine.

“You perceive our fight for freedom as your own fight. It is true. Because it is right now, in our country, in Ukraine, where the fate of all of us, of Europeans, is being decided.” President Zelenskyy stressed that “only armed forces fighting a war that was started by Russia against our country, against Ukraine, and at the same time against the freedom of all our neighbours, can decide what will dominate Europe in the upcoming decades: it will either be justice for all nations, or Russia will make all our nations use words like ‘occupation’, ‘repressions’, ‘deportations’.”

President Zelenskyy also thanked Latvia for the country’s assistance in its fight against Russia. As he said, Latvia is among the countries, that have taken action and provided Ukraine with military, economic, and humanitarian assistance immediately after it was invaded.