Japan, US hold joint manoeuvres over the Sea of Japan

On Thursday the US military and Japan’s Self Defence Force said they conducted joint fighter jet manoeuvres over the Sea of Japan in a show of strength after North Korea launched three missiles into the waters that separate Japan and the Korean peninsula, Reuters reported.

North Korea’s launch of at least 3 missiles triggers response

Hours after US President Joe Biden had left Asia, North Korea fired at least three ballistic missiles on Wednesday morning – an act that brought...

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The flight of eight aircraft from bases in Japan included four American F-16 jets and four Japanese F-15 fighters, according to Japan’s Air Self Defence Force.

The exercise was meant to “showcase combined capabilities to deter and counter regional threats,” the US military said in a news release.

Japan and the United States wanted to show their combined resolve in the wake of North Korea’s latest missile launches, two US officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On Wednesday North Korea spurred fresh tensions in East Asia when it fired three missiles into the Sea of Japan, hours after US President Joe Biden left Tokyo following meetings with leaders from Japan, India and Australia.