Leroy Merlin swaps 'Russia' for 'Poland' in product descriptions

Following recent reports that French-owned DIY chain Leroy Merlin still sells goods produced in Russia, it has now emerged that the chain has replaced the name 'Russia' with 'Poland' in product descriptions.

The information that Leroy Merlin still sells Russian products was revealed by the organisation Nationwide Boycott Leroy Merlin (OBLM).

Among the items listed as being made in Poland, while in fact being sourced from Russia is particleboard from the Russian company Ultralam.

A spokeswoman for the company explained in an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl that the chain "sells only products that remain from deliveries and orders from before March 2022". Now OBLM reports that the company is making a change to its descriptions of these products.

Where previously the items were still listed as being made in "Russia", “Poland” is now being listed as the country of origin. The product code, stock levels, manufacturer's name and all other details remain unchanged.

"Ultralam itself does not admit that it has suddenly become a Polish company and on its website it still states that it is a Russian company, producing in Russia," reports OBLM and stresses that this situation is an apparent attempt by Leroy Merlin to mislead customers and the public.

Leroy Merlin has been boycotted in Poland since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the French chain has been heavily criticised for maintaining its operations in Russia.