World News: 19.05: EU row over sanctions, UK PM’s “Partygate” trouble

The EU has problems agreeing on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, Belarus expands the list of crimes punishable by capital punishment, and British PM Johnson is still in hot water over “Partygate”. This and more in TVP World’s World News.

NATO summit

President Biden met the prime ministers of Sweden and Finland at the White House seeking to convey a strong statement of support for the two countries' efforts to join NATO. Meanwhile, heads of defence met in Brussels to discuss preparations for the Madrid Summit in June.

Poland pledges assistance to Finland and Sweden

Poland would militarily assist Finland and Sweden if they were attacked during their accession to NATO. The Prime Minister of Poland gave the declaration during a geopolitical forum in Warsaw. Our reporter Owidiusz Nicieja was in attendance at the forum.

Situation on the Russo-Ukrainian front

The Ukrainian armed forces continue defending their country from the Russian invaders. Our reporter, Kazimierz Łysiak, offers a summary of the situation on the frontline.

Around Liberated Kharkiv

Death, devastation, pain – this is what Russians leave behind, when Ukrainians liberate occupied towns and cities. Kharkiv and its surroundings is the perfect example. Our reporter, Karolina Pajaczkowska is collecting memories and thoughts of those who survived the Russian occupation. Those individuals might be witnesses of Putin’s war crimes

Disagreement over sanctions

The member states of the European Union are still discussing the sixth package of sanctions against Russia. The most contentious point is the proposed embargo on Russian oil, from which a number of states are seeking exemption.

Belarus expands death penalty

Belarusian leader Aliaksandr Lukashenka has signed a bill expanding the range of crimes for which the death penalty can be issued. Those now include attempting to commit a terrorist attack, whereas previously the penalty was only applicable to attacks successfully carried out.

”Partygate” developments

The “partygate” scandal seems to have no end. While Boris Johnson is gaining popularity abroad by helping Ukraine, in his own country he and members of his party are in big trouble. Klaudia Czerwińska, our correspondent in London, has more.

The story of Monte Casino

Not many outside of Poland are familiar with the country’s close historical ties to Italy. Our correspondent, Benjamin Lee, was in Monte Cassino, to take a closer look at a special place in Polish history.

Unique documentary

During the grim period of communism, free Polish intellectual life was only possible abroad. One man in particular distinguished himself for Polish culture in that period by creating the Literary Institute in Maisons-Laffitte near Paris. A new documentary movie ordered by TVP tells the remarkable story of Jerzy Giedroyć - its founder. Our correspondent Stanisław Jegliński was present at the premiere of the movie.

World News’ Guest

Teivo Teivainen, Professor of World Politics at the University of Helsinki, talks about the ramifications of two Nordic countries joining NATO, and about possible obstacles they might face.