Russia unlikely to attack NATO: Polish President

In an interview given to “Polska Times” daily on May 19, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that while there is a degree of risk, he finds it unlikely that Russia would dare to attack a NATO country, such as Poland.

Enquired as to whether Poland is safe from Russian invasion in the face of what is going on in Ukraine, the Polish Head of State conceded that the threat is always there, but he reminded the interviewer that there are over 10,000 US soldiers at present in Poland. “[The US Army] has the most powerful, best, and most modern equipment. The soldiers have experience in previous wars; we also have American infrastructure, heavy armaments, anti-rocket defence, which today are defending Poland thanks to the American Patriot system.”

President Duda also recalled that during his recent visit to Poland, US President Joe Biden categorically assured Poland that Article 5 of the NATO treaty is ironclad. “The likelihood that anyone, including Russia, dare attack a NATO country, risking a conflict with the entire North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, risking a clash with the American army, and in our case also with our army, with which we would defend Poland, is very small,” said the President.

President Duda expressed his hope that Ukraine manages to regain all of its territory within its internationally recognised borders, i.e. the Crimean Peninsula, which has been illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.

“This is a matter very important to me, important to Poland’s future security. That would mean that in a political sense Ukraine won this war.” The President called such an outcome of the war “just”, and also said that he wished for Ukraine to “be able to rebuild, for us to help in the endeavour, [for Ukraine] to exist within its borders as a large, well developing state, our neighbour, our friend, and our ally in the future.”

Asked how he viewed Sweden and Finland’s NATO applications, President Duda said Russia got what was coming to it. “I thought, that this is the effect of the war, this is what President Putin achieved, and now he got what he wanted.”

Poland’s leader said that the two countries are strong, rich, and have combat experience. After all, historically, the two countries have fought Russia in centuries past, and Finland posed a great problem for the USSR during World War Two, even when in 1939 and 1940 it had to fight against the Soviet behemoth alone. “The NATO-Russian border will be extended by 900 kilometres. This is definitely not a success for Vladimir Putin,” he said.

President Duda stressed that in the past couple of years, Sweden had to deal with Russian aeroplanes violating the country’s airspace, and Russian submarines doing likewise with Swedish territorial waters. “I think that society, seeing what is going on in Ukraine, came to the conclusion that a potential Russian aggression is no game, it's no joke. Hence the decision which no one expected two years ago, no one had even expected it could be made,” said the President.