World News: 15.05: Ukraine wins Eurovision, new Hungarian president sworn in

Ukraine wins Eurovision vote by a landslide, new Hungarian president denounces Putin and hopes to restore good relationships with Poland, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches a rocket that will put 53 satellites in Earth’s orbit.

Russia retreating from Kharkiv

Ukrainian forces have pushed back the Russian army far beyond Kharkiv’s boundaries, according to latest reports. The Russians failed to capture the city, which had been one of their main objectives in the war.

Karolina Pajączkowska, TVP World’s correspondent, is in Kyiv bringing us the latest from the Ukrainian capital.

Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Ukrainian group, Kalush Orchestra, and their song "Stefania”, dedicated to mothers, won the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin last night. The Ukrainians scored a total of 631 points and won thanks to the audience vote.

Ukrainian culture in peril

War-crimes committed in Ukraine are not always targeted at civilians. Cultural heritage sites have also been heavily bombed since the start of the Russian invasion. Ukrainian officials have been engaged in a vast campaign of gathering evidence of crimes against Ukrainian culture almost from the very start of this war.

NATO summit in Berlin

NATO foreign ministers met in Berlin for an informal summit. The meeting addressed primarily Sweden and Finland’s possible accession into the alliance and Turkey’s concerns over the move. NATO leaders also spoke about the alliance’s support for Ukraine.

Finnish MOD on Russia

The Finnish Minister of Defence spoke about the recent Russian activities in the Baltic region. Despite indirect threats coming from the Kremlin, Finland is set to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

As NATO is set to expand its alliance by two new countries, Russia threatens the new inductees to the alliance. Our correspondent, Katarzyna Nowicka is in Finland to bring us the latest news on their bid to join NATO.

Will Sweden say “Yes” to NATO?

Despite the Swedes and Finns being largely in favour of joining the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, there is some internal opposition to the two countries’ accession. Opponents in Sweden voiced their disapproval of the idea at a protest in Stockholm at the same time as the ruling party announced its plan to apply for membership to NATO.

Commemorating victims of the Theresienstadt camp

The Czech Republic commemorated the terrible events of World War 2 at the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Czech officials mentioned not only Nazi crimes of the 1940’s, but also the current events in Ukraine.

Hungarian president’s inauguration

During her inauguration ceremony on Saturday, Hungary's newly elected president Katalin Novák condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and announced Poland as her first foreign destination as head of the country.


SpaceX launched a rocket carrying 53 Starlink internet satellites and landed the returning rocket on Saturday, the second successful mission of its kind within a span of less than 24 hours.

Russia wins gold medal in Victimhood Olympics

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is seemingly failing to grasp the West’s collective effort to push back against his country. In a speech delivered on Saturday, he stated that the “Collective West” has declared hybrid war on Russia.

World News’ guest

The guest of World News was Svitlana Maistruk, a Euromaidan activist, who discussed Ukraine’s success at the Eurovision song contest. And some possible meddling from the Kremlin.