Aussie Max Fricke wins 2nd round of 2022 Speedway Grand Prix

Max Fricke of Australia won the 2022 Speedway Grand Prix event in Warsaw, Poland. The May 14 event was held at the National Stadium. The runners-up were Leon Madsen of Denmark, and Fredrik Lindgren of Sweden.

50,000 fans witnessed as the podium was taken by Max Fricke of Australia, followed by Leon Madsen of Denmark, and Fredrik Lindgren of Sweden. This is an important success for Fricke, not only on account of him winning the event, but also because it catapulted him to the 6th position in the intermediate classification. Of all 12 events, four will be held in Poland, but the next will be in Prague, Czechia, on May 28.

The event in Warsaw was the second of 12 rounds that will determine the winners of the 2022 Speedway Grand Prix. The first event, held in Croatia was promising for the Polish speedway fans, with the first two places on the podium taken by Polish racers, Bartosz Zmarzlik, who still holds the top spot in the classification for now, and Maciej Janowski. But in Warsaw, the hosts did not perform as well.

In a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine, Polish fans displayed Ukrainian flags along Polish ones. Prior to the beginning of the Grand Prix event series, FIM disqualified Artem Laguta and Emil Sayfutdinov (1st and 3rd place in the 2021 GP) of Russia from participating. The ban affects all Russian and Belarusian speedway racers from participating after the invasion of Ukraine.