Thousands set to attend Night of Museums on Saturday

On Saturday, the Night of Museums will take place in many Polish cities. Residents of Warsaw, Lublin, Poznań, Łódź, Szczecin and many other cities will be able to visit many cultural institutions, some of which will be available only on this one night. This year’s edition of the Night of Museums will also be adjusted to the needs of refugees from Ukraine.


People visiting the capital on this special night will be able to take a walk through the Belweder Palace, the ruins of the Babice Radio Station in the Bemowski Forest or discover the nooks and crannies of the Iluzjon cinema. Visitors will have the means to see their photo in the form of a well-known painting thanks to a specially placed interactive installation at Parade Square.

Moreover, there will be as many as 84 outdoor events: concerts, night walks or exhibitions featuring works by Picasso, Leger and Calder.

For those who prefer to participate in the Night of the Museum without leaving home, 20 institutions have prepared a special virtual programme. People will be able to visit the Wedel Factory, take a walk through the construction site of the Museum of Modern Art or take a tour of the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

This year's edition of the Night of Museums will also be tailored to the needs of Ukrainian citizens; 34 out of 202 institutions have prepared a special programme for refugees.

The Night of Museums will be held in the capital city for the 18th time. 202 Warsaw institutions will take part in this year’s event.


The city of Poznań will offer lectures at the Museum of Musical Instruments, tours at the Ancient Art Gallery of the National Museum and the Museum of the Poznań Protests and live lessons performed by the Poznań Uhlans in front of the Old Market Square Guardhouse.

Moreover, workshops, demonstrations, shows and concerts will also be available in the City Hall nuclear fallout shelter, the Museum of Armaments in the Citadel, the Archdiocesan Museum and the palace of Poland’s first ruler Mieszko I.

In total Poznań will host as many as 150 guided tours, exhibitions, science presentations and other events in 52 museums, art galleries, theatres, Universities and many other



The Tricity metropolitan area including Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and other minor cities, situated near the Baltic sea, will also take part in this year’s Museum Night. As in other Polish cities, the Museum Night in the Tricity area will be comprised of spectacles, tours, outdoor games, concerts and many others.

Gdańsk among others will open its Fine Arts Academy to show off various artistic works, a charity art auction, workshops on colour, collage, drawing, VR sketching, screen printing and many others as well as a performance by the Performative Theatre “TeATR”.

Gdynia will show off its Navy Museum, featuring exhibitions of weapons and armaments, reconstruction group presentations, a field kitchen with military soup, first aid lessons and more.

Meanwhile, Sopot will open its doors to visitors from Ukraine, giving access to several art workshops in the Sopot National Art Gallery.


In Lublin, people will be able to visit the Open Air Village Museum, the National Museum in Lublin, the Labirynth Gallery, the Majdanek Concentration Camp or take a night tour of the UMCS Botanical Garden.

The original Long Museum Night took place in Berlin in 1997. The event’s massive turnout made it a resounding success with the idea soon being replicated in other cities across Western Europe. The first cities to follow were Paris and Amsterdam. Poland’s first Museum Night was organised in 2003 by the National Museum of Poznań.