Poland qualifies for the 66th Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest

On Thursday evening, the Eurovision Song Contest's second semi-finals took place, with 18 countries competing for a place in the grand final. Ultimately 25 representations of different European countries will clash in the final stage of the music challenge. Poland managed to qualify and took one of the last 10 remaining spots.

Representations from Finland, Australia, Sweden, Serbia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Estonia, and Belgium have qualified alongside Poland for the next phase of the contest and joined the “Big Five” as well as 10 acts selected in the first semifinal.

“Big Five” is a group of countries, which consists of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, and the current host – Italy. The final is planned to take place on Saturday, May 14. Russia has been banned from competing in this year’s contest.

The Polish Eurovision representative is Krystian Ochman, a 22-year-old musician born and raised in the US. He came to Poland 4 years ago, on the advice of his grandfather, the famous Polish tenor Wiesław Ochman.

Poland will be featured as the 23rd contestant in the competition’s grand finals.