Indian vets save birds dropping from sky due to heatwave

An animal medical staff in India’s city of Ahmedabad on Wednesday gently squeezed a syringe of fluid into the beak of a parrot, one of the thousands of birds that have been affected by a scorching heat wave in the country.

Rescuers in the western Gujarat state are picking up dozens of exhausted and dehydrated birds dropping out of trees and the sky every day as the soaring temperature, reaching nearly 50 degrees Celsius, dries out water sources in the state's biggest city, veterinary doctors and animal rescuers say.

Doctors in the animal hospital managed by non-profit Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad said they have treated thousands of birds in the last few weeks, adding that rescuers bring dozens of high flying birds such as pigeons or kites every day.

The heat wave in the country has killed more than a dozen people since late March.