Ukrainian soldier praises Polish-made Grot rifle

In a video posted on the Internet, a Ukrainian soldier tested the Polish-made MSBS Grot assault rifle and expressed himself in superlatives about it, appreciating the firearm’s ergonomics and low weight.

This is not the first time, when positive information about the Polish weapon comes from the battlefield in the East. Earlier, positive feedback was given regarding the PPZR Piorun missile sets and FlyEye unmanned aerial vehicles.

A very versatile weapon

The rifle is produced in a variety of versions, covering almost all small arms needs of a modern infantry unit. These include: versions with both bullpup and standard layout, different barrel lengths, squad automatic versions, designated marksman rifle and versions firing the heavier 7.62 NATO rifle cartridge, instead of the intermediate 5.56 NATO ammunition.

MSBS stands for Modular Firearm System, while the name Grot commemorates Stefan Grot-Rowecki, the leader of the WWII era Home Army resistance group. The word also means “arrowtip”.