Rock Rachon: Russian ‘Victory Day’ parade

On May 9, the so-called ‘Victory Day’ in Russia, 11,000 soldiers rallied up at the Red Square in Moscow for the parade marking the 77th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

In his 11-minute speech, Vladimir Putin, contrary to expectations, neither declared war against Ukraine nor did he announce partial or general army mobilisation. Instead, he spoke of the now threadbare delusions of Russia fighting Nazism in Ukraine and compared the war waged by Russia against Ukraine to its clash with Germany during WWII.

Samuel Cranny-Evans, C4ISR research analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and TVP World’s first guest, emphasised the importance of the annual parade, also pointing out that this years event was very downscaled.

He also agreed that the current war in Ukraine can be considered the biggest military conflict in Europe since WWII.

The programme’s second guest was Inna Sovsun, Ukrainian professor and politician who served as the country’s deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Asked to comment on the Russian May 9 parade, she said that in her opinion, Vladimir Putin was “trying to sell this war to the Russian people.”

“He does not have a lot to be proud of.. Because the Russian army is clearly not winning,” she pointed out.

The programme’s third guest was Matthew Tyrmand, a Polish-American investigative journalist.