“Water is life - light is art”: Water Festival in Brixen

The “Water is life - light is art” water-light festival with 29 big light installations with water as the central theme is taking place in the mountain city Brixen/Bressanone in Northern Italy in the Alps. The event will take place from April 29 until May 22.

Artists from all around the world set up art installations focused mainly on earth's most precious resource - water.

“Local and international artists will transform various water locations into a sea of light by showing their creative ideas and installations. Reflections on ecological, economic and social aspects around the theme of water form the basis of the artistic work. More than 20 fountains, the confluence of the Eisack and Rienz rivers and other cultural-historical treasures are reinterpreted and highlighted with various works of light and art,” the festival’s website states.

Some installations include works about water coming into existence through melting ice. Ice from Greenland is seen melting at one of the city fountains in the projection by Båll & Brand (Bonfire & Fire) from Denmark.

Another work of art portrays a chemical pipe system, that actually shows toxins, such as pesticides from agriculture or chemicals from the industry. It was made by Peter Aerschmann from Switzerland and is called “H2O”.

Refik Anadol from Turkey worked for Google for 6 years and developed algorithms for creating art from data. He took water samples from the Mediterranean ocean every 30 minutes over a year to create a mesmerising art piece. He hopes the ocean will remind us to calm down.

North Italian international artist Stefano Cagol, who often is exhibiting in The Venice Biennale about climate change, has set up the word Global Warning, instead of Global Warming. In his mind, climate change and now also COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine are better covered this way.

After 2 years of COVID-19, the Brixen Light Festival is back and all the light installations have a blue thread.

Water found in this region is considered one of the purest and lightest waters in the Alps. It is used among other things to clean kidneys because of its very low hardness (1.2 F) and a pH value of 6.6 making it ideal for assimilation into the human body. Brixen has historic drinking fountains all over the city with mountain water.