Russian Chief of General Staff wounded in Ukraine: media reports

Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General Valery Gerasimov has been wounded near Izium, eastern Ukraine, following yesterday’s strike by the Ukrainian side, Radio Svoboda and Unian agency informed, citing other media reports.

Radio Svoboda reported that the information on the wounding of General Gerasimov appeared online, posted by military journalist Aleksandr Shulman. According to Insider Ukraine, the Ukrainian troops conducted shelling of the Russian command post near Izium, and General Gerasimov was in the area under attack. Similar reports have been broadcast by Ukraine Online. The sources say Gerasimov’s personal guard and Major General Alexei Simonov have been killed.

At the time of the strike, the headquarters had about 40 senior officers (including majors and colonels) ,” reported Ukraine Online.

According to the Ukrainian Unian agency, Gerasimov, 66, has been injured by a shrapnel in the right leg, and his condition did not pose a threat to his life. Preliminary reports show that 20 Russian soldiers were killed during the strike . The agency added that General Gerasimov was trying to leave Izium, where the occupying forces were suffering great losses, and their reinforcement had been cut off.

Ukrainian portal Defence Express reported earlier that General Gerasimov arrived in the Russian army command post near the city of Izium to lead the offensive in the Kharkiv province and quickly gain any sort of “tactical victory.”