“Stop Russia now!” - Polish government launched billboard campaign

Photo: Mateusz Morawiecki/ Twitter

On Saturday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki launched a billboard campaign under the slogan “Stop Russia now!”. The project was organised in an effort to awaken consciences, the head of the government said at a press conference in Warsaw.

“Vladimir Putin has prepared a special operation of war crimes and genocide. What is happening on the streets of Ukrainian cities is shaking our conscience, but for a far too short period of time. Our partners in Western Europe and Southern Europe would like to return to normality far too fast,” Prime Minister Morawiecki stated at a press conference at the National Stadium.

He added that such a return to normality is not possible. He said that he would like the billboard campaign, which will also take place on social media, "to be the cry of those who were bestially murdered in the streets of cities and towns".

The Polish PM went on, saying that on Saturday, billboards will be displayed in a number of European cities, while the campaign will be reinforced on social media.

“I will also be going to Germany and other countries to constantly remind them what terrible things are happening in Ukraine. The campaign is taking place under the slogan “Stop Russia now!,” the head of the Polish government stated.

He stressed that current developments in Ukraine could not be overlooked. According to the PM, the reaction to the events in Ukraine testifies to “our humanity”.

“We want to show clearly what the situation is and also convince the public opinion of these countries to exert political pressure,” added Piotr Muller, the government spokesman.