Help Without Borders: 20.04

Watch the latest episode of TVP World’s Help Without Borders - a show dedicated to the refugees from Ukraine, to learn about their stories, the volunteers, charities, and organisations providing humanitarian assistance.

More than 2.8 million of the total 5 million refugees who have fled from Ukraine – have reached the safety of Poland, which has been providing humanitarian help to the arrivals since the very beginning.

The programme’s first guest was Olena Kossak, a psychologist from Lviv.

“Many Ukrainians were not ready for this war,” she said, pointing out at the same time that the conflict had already started many years ago.

“Some of us [Ukrainians] were psychologically ready, we knew it would happen,” she added. “However, when such a thing happens to you, you lose control of your mind and thoughts.”

The second guest was Svitlana Maistruk from the EuroMaidan Warsaw social initiative.

“We have a huge number of internally displaced people,” she said, stressing that many of them are planning to come back to their homes in the eastern parts of Ukraine.

“However, it is still very dangerous to come back to the regions where active fighting continues,” she noted.