Russian soldiers’ calls home reveal a shocking disregard for human life and dignity

Intercepted communications between Russian troops and their families reveal not only the level of Russian savagery, but also the impact Kremlin propaganda has on the Russian mind.

Russian soldiers sent to invade Ukraine are exposed to the horrors of war. But their relatives at home are only exposed to the narrative of the Kremlin-peddled propaganda. The effects that the Kremlin propaganda machine has on the Russian people is shocking.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has intercepted yet another call made by a Russian soldier to his family.

“Sonny, do not lose your fighting spirit! If you only knew what [the Ukrainians] are doing there! You know, you are doing a great deed! Remember that! “

The woman is likely referring to the Putin regime’s claims that Ukraine in “perpetrating genocide” against its own Russian-speaking population. Ironic, considering that in areas where the fighting is heaviest at the moment, that is in the south and the east of the country, large parts of the population, often the majority, are Russian-language speakers, and they also likely make up the majority of civilian casualties killed in Russian shelling, e.g. in Mariupol.

The soldier responds:

“What is it that we are doing? We are killing! We are killing civilians and children, dammit!”

“No, you are not killing civilians or children! You are killing f***n’ fascists, you believe that when I tell you!”

This is not the only shocking phone call that reveals what the Kremlin propaganda has done to the mind of the Russian people.

In the past couple of weeks several similar conversations have been intercepted. In another sickening phone call, a Russian woman encouraged her partner to rape Ukrainian women. She only asked him to make sure that he “uses protections”. They both chuckle during the conversation.

Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories said in an interview given to the Wirtualna Polska website, that thanks to the use of modern technology, such as geolocation and facial recognition, Ukrainian services have already identified numerous Russian soldiers directly responsible for the atrocities against Ukrainian civilians.

She said that Ukrainians intend to have the perpetrators of war crimes prosecuted, and if it is not possible to bring them to justice in front of a Ukrainian or an International court, they will face justice by other means.

“We will find them anywhere. There is no hole anywhere in the world in which they can hide [from us].”