Russian TV commentators furious over 'Moskva sinking'

Russian TV commentators have gone postal over the sinking of the Kremlin's cruiser-type flagship "Moskva" — a devastating blow to the invaders' morale.

Russia’s Black Sea flagship destroyed by Ukrainian forces

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With Moskva allegedly destroyed by Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles and ploughing the Black Sea bed, Russian TV pundits cry vengeance, calling for retaliatory bombings of Kyiv and destroying Ukraine's railways so as to make it impossible for any world leaders to visit in the future.

Viewers of the state-owned Russia-1 TV channel heard a pundit calling the sinking of Moskva a cause for war, saying that with the ship's destruction, the “special military operation” – the Kremlin’s favourite bon mot used to justify its invasion of Ukraine – had ended and that a regular war against Ukraine should follow.

“Our motherland was attacked… the flagship Moscow is an absolute cause for war. There has to be a response,” the commentator said.

For her part, the show’s anchor Olga Skabeyeva claimed that “Russia’s special operation has already turned into what can easily be called World War III,” adding that Russia was “fighting against NATO infrastructure… against the US. [All around the clock] they are supplying weapons via the railways, through Poland.”

“We should seriously think about destroying the railway junctions,” she said, noting that world leaders were descending on Kyiv to show support to Ukraine.

“We should bomb Kyiv, then they won’t come,” the pundit replied pointing his finger at video footage showing the Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia recently visiting Kyiv.

‘Erase Ukrainian identity, if not Ukrainians themselves’

During another show by Russia-1, a commentator explicitly said that the leading notion of Putin's invasion was to erase the idea of being Ukrainian. "The idea has been poisoning the lives of Slavic people for 100 years," he said, adding that "before we start eradicating them and before they start to realise that they have to get educated… First, they have to be convincingly defeated." Russian warship “Moskva” sank in the Black Sea on Thursday. While the Ukrainian military says this had been a result of an attack with Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles, the Kremlin claims a fire broke out onboard.